A simple, unobtrusive stand for holding, cradling, and displaying your iPod.

What is PodHolder?


PodHolder was designed with simplicity in mind: A single slab of clear acrylic curved in just the right areas and angles for cradling your iPod.

Show Off.

PodHolder supports and displays your iPod without getting in its way. Think of it as a piece of acrylic art that doubles as the perfect place to park your iPod.


PodHolder protects the back and bottom of your iPod from scuffs and scratches by floating it on six soft, clear, hemispherical rubber pads. These pads provide a tacky surface to grip your iPod, preventing it from sliding around while at rest upon PodHolder.


We know what you're thinking. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough words. Show me some pictures already!"

OK then. For your viewing pleasure we offer you, fellow iPod lover, the following snapshots.

3G iPod cradled by PodHolder PodHolder with Leaves PodHolder with Leaves

Compatibility Guide.

Springing to life during the era of the second generation (2G) iPod, PodHolder's form allowed iPod a place to rest while being charged via its FireWire cable (which plugged in at the top - remember that?), or while simply cranking out tunes via ear buds to its happy desk-stationed owner.

Innovation from the Valley.

As Apple innovated its way to the top of the portable audio device market, it introduced the iPod Dock as part of the new and improved third generation (3G) model, and never looked back.

The introduction of the iPod Dock somewhat limited the scope of PodHolder, but it still serves a great role as a backup or secondary stand/display. A home away from home, if you will.

Stand and Deliver.

PodHolder is compatible, applicable, and downright jolly good to use with all iPod models; however, as described above, it was designed and works best with the dimensions of the full-sized iPods - and specifically allows room for the FireWire cable at the top for the old school first and second generation iPods.

iPod models compatible, applicable, and safe to use with iDrops

Other Uses.

So you have an iPod, huh? You might also have a mobile phone, Dell DJ (or other portable audio player), PDA, or a Blackberry device.

Maybe, just maybe, you're lucky enough to own all of these fine bits and pieces of electronic, digital trinketry. If so, PodHolder becomes even more inviting, as you can use it on all of the aforementioned things too!

Oh yeah, the design of PodHolder allows for a picture or any type of paper (sized 2.5" x 3.5") to be placed inside of it. So not merely a nice stand/display product for your iPod, PodHolder also provides an engaging way of framing and displaying a loved one's visage, an important note, or just about any paper-related item you want. Cool!

Sorry about those exclamation marks back there. Got a little worked up.

Instructions and Tips.

PodHolder is very simple to understand, set up, and use.

Once you receive your order, you will notice two separate items inside:


Ah yes. The main attraction. The keystone of standness. The perfection of plastic. The... OK enough of that. You get what this part is. It holds your iPod.

Pod Pads.

10 rubber thingies shaped like half of a ball that you peel off and stick - preferably on the acrylic portion of PodHolder. Pretty scientific-like explanation, huh?

Align and position the pads just right to nestle your particular type of iPod or other device.

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