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Q. Will iDrops work on my iPhone or iPad?

A. Yes, iDrops is safe and effective to use on the glass screen area of the 1G iPad, and all iPhone models, including the 3G, 3GS and 4, and also the plastic/acrylic back cover of the 3G model.

Q. Will iDrops work on my (insert iPod model here) iPod?

A. Yes, iDrops is safe and effective to use on all iPod models, up to and including the iPod touch. You can safely and effectively use iDrops on the plastic/acrylic surfaces of iPod, and also the glass screen of the iPod touch.

Q. Will iDrops work on my black iPod?

A. Yes, iDrops works on the black colored iPods (including the special edition U2 iPod) just as well as the white colored ones.

Q. Will iDrops work on my (insert other digital audio player make/model here)?

A. Yes, iDrops will work on most audio players, cell phones, and PDAs, but ONLY if it is made of - or is covered by - the hard type of acrylic/plastic that you normally see on the iPod. If your digital audio player doesn't have this hard plastic, then iDrops will not be ideal for your situation.

Q. Will iDrops work on my MacBook?

A. Yes, on the white version of the MacBook.

Q. Can I use iDrops on my Nintendo DS/DS Lite? If so, can I use it on the screens?

A. iDrops can be used with the TOP screen of the Nintendo DS or DS Lite, but not the bottom screen that the stylus interacts with. iDrops can also be used on the glossy, outer case of the Nintendo DS Lite models.

Q. How much is in the iDrops bottle, and how long will it last me?

A. iDrops is two fluid ounces, and one bottle will last for multiple and repeated applications.

Q. What type of cloth should I use when buffing my iPod with iDrops?

A. iDrops responds best when using a cloth that is 100% cotton. A t-shirt that is 100% cotton works great.

Q. Could I use a cotton ball to buff with? It's about as 100% cotton that 100% cotton is going to get.

A. Yes, a cotton ball would work just as well. In fact, some customers have had better luck using a cotton ball, as determined by their buffing technique and the particular iPod model they are using iDrops on.

Q. How much of iDrops should I use? I mean, how many drops do I put on my device before I start the buffing process?

A. Normally, one to two drops works out really well for the standard sized iPods. If you have a shuffle, mini or nano - or if you are not seeing any positive results after buffing for an extended period of time - try using just one drop at a time. Less is more in the case of iDrops. Using too much will decrease the product's effectiveness.

Q. How long should I buff my iPod with iDrops?

A. Each buffing duration should last approximately ten to fifteen seconds. After this time, place more iDrops onto your iPod, and buff another ten to fifteen seconds. Continue this process repeatedly until you get the results you are looking for.

Q. OK, I get the duration stuff. But how long will it take to totally remove scratches from my iPod? Two minutes? A couple of hours? A day?

You should begin to see that your hard work is paying off within fifteen minutes or so; however, it may take longer to see results and up to an hour for you to get your iPod totally scratch free if there are a lot of scratches to remove. Have patience, your time and effort will be rewarded!

Q. How much pressure should I use during the buffing process?

A. During the buffing process, you should use minimal pressure. Let the weight of your hand/fingers do the work. Buffing too hard will actually introduce more scratches to your device.

Q. How should I perform the buffing process? I mean, should I go in a straight line, or in a circular motion?

A. The best method is to work against the direction of the scratch(es). If you have scratch(es) that are vertical, buff horizontally, and vice versa.

Q. How do I use iDrops to remove scratches from my iPod (or other device)?

A. Successful scratch removal with iDrops is attained by following the guideline of "The Three Peas", er, "The Three P's":




Process entails most of the information as described in the previous questions and answers, including the type of cloth you are using, the number of drops you use, the amount of pressure you use during the buffing process, etc.

Persistence is key in scratch removal. You will have to repeat the actions of the Process stage until you begin to see that your work is paying off. In simplest terms, place one to four drops of iDrops onto your device, then buff for ten to fifteen seconds. Continue with these two steps using a dry, clean portion of your buffing cloth each time.

Patience is the one of the hardest things to have when it comes to getting your iPod rid of the dreaded scratch(es). You have made it through the Process and Persistence stages, grasshopper, and you are now ready to reap the benefits. Hang in there!

Q. I have used iDrops for (insert amount of time here) minutes, and I'm not seeing any results. :o(

A. Be sure to shake the iDrops bottle well before and during extended use. Patience, my child, patience. It may take some time for you to get the right technique to get the results you want, but keep at it. You will succeed!


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Q. Will PodHolder work with my (insert iPod model here) iPod?

A. PodHolder works great with any iPod model for support and display purposes, but works best with the full-sized iPods.

Q. Will PodHolder charge my iPod like the Apple iPod Dock does?

A. No. PodHolder is simply a piece of clear acrylic. No electronic parts, wires, or circuits. We leave that electronic stuff for the bigger dogs.

Q. Can I charge my iPod while it rests in PodHolder?

A. PodHolder was designed during the days when there was but one - and only one - iPod model available. The trusty first generation model that had its FireWire port at the top. PodHolder works amazing with this model, of course.

You can still use the newer iPods with their appropriate cables and bottom-ported goodness with PodHolder, albeit, it will look a little awkward. All models past the first generation iPod are best used sans cabling, but that's simply due to aesthetic purposes.

Q. Is there anything else about PodHolder I should know?

A. Heck yes there is! The design of PodHolder allows for you to insert a picture or other such stuff inside of it. This is really hard to explain, but follow me... I guess it's best explained by referencing those clear acrylic picture frames that lots of people have on their desks.

What this all really means is that PodHolder can also be of use even when it's not resting your iPod. Put a picture in it, or ticket stubs from a game or concert. You get the idea.

There's a PodHolder here that has a couple of different colored tree leaves wedged in. It looks really cool when light from the desk lamp shines through it from the back side. Have a look on the PodHolder page.


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Q. Do you ship to (insert country name here)?

A. Yes. Anywhere.

Q. What are your shipping charges?

A. For orders shipped with in the USA, the shipping cost is zero. Zilch. Nothing. After offering free worldwide shipping for nearly ten years, we have had to adjust our shipping fees and start charging for orders placed outside the United States. Unfortunately, this is just the nature of doing business internationally.

Q. What shipping company do you use to get my order to me?

A. We use The United States Postal Service (USPS) exclusively for our orders (both domestic and international). The USPS is the most cost effective and efficient shipping provider for the size and weight of our package deliveries.

Q. When will my order be processed and shipped?

A. All orders are normally acknowledged, processed, and shipped the day after they are placed.

Q. When will my order arrive?

A. Domestic deliveries are handled via USPS First Class Mail and usually arrive within three to five business days from the shipping date; international deliveries via USPS First Class Mail International within five to 20 business days.

Q. Do you offer tracking information?

A. Yes, all orders are provided with with tracking information and this will be provided to you via email when your order is processed and shipped.