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Why iDrops?

One of a Kind.

iDrops is very different from its competitors, in that it is a non-toxic, fume-less product that features a unique, easy to use eye (or is that 'i'?) dropper dispenser, making it ideal for doling out just the right amount of "liquid health" for use on the acrylic/plastic surfaces of dirty and scratched iPods and other stuff. iDrops is also unique because only one bottle is required to do the job (not the two or more different types like other products).

Customer Friendly.

People like products that are safe and easy to use, and iDrops is the most customer-friendly cleaning, polishing, and scratch-removing product available on the market. See that sidebar over there on the right side? The one with the little seeds sprouting? Yeah, that's the Review and Feedback garden, where just a handful of many happy and satisfied iDrops users' comments reside. There are even more detailed customer reviews and comments here on one of our blog posts. A customer-friendly product leads to happy customers - and tremendous sales opportunities for your organization.


iDrops stands out from the competition - and even non-competing products - with product and packaging that's easy on the eyes. The retail packaging of iDrops is inviting; it stands out amongst the sea of iPod accessories, attracting potential customers to look, feel, and learn more about what it is and how it can help them.

Retail Ready.

A good looking product and packaging with a scanner-ready UPC on the back and hook-ready clamshell enclosure make iDrops the perfect iPod accessory for your reselling and distribution needs. Join the growing list of locations that have added iDrops to their product lineup today. Your customers will thank you!


iDrops is retail-ready and eager to fill the hooks/shelves of your store. Your customers are going to love this product!

Check out the following images of iDrops in its retail, store-ready packaging.

Note: The opaque appearance of the packaging in a few of the photos is due to light and camera angle positioning. Typical viewing, appearance, and experience of the packaging is entirely transparent.

iDrops in retail packaging iDrops in retail packaging iDrops in retail packaging iDrops in retail packaging iDrops in retail packaging iDrops in retail packaging iDrops in retail packaging iDrops in retail packaging iDrops in retail packaging

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